Quick Start Package

Quick Start is specifically designed for clients who want help getting started with Constant Contact®. With this package Market Momentum will:
1. Set-up your Constant Contact account
2. Customize a template that best serves your campaign strategy
3. Upload images and your contact list from an excel spreadsheet 4. Develop a marketing strategy for your  email program
5. Create a segmentation strategy based on your target audiences 6. Edit your content to maximize its "online" effectiveness
7. Create your online signup tools
8. Produce and schedule your first email newsletter
9. Review email statistics and recommend program adjustments 

On-going Email Services

You may also outsource the on-going production of your email campaigns to us. Our monthly service includes:
1. Uploading new contacts from an Excel spreadsheet
2. Editing content and producing the campaign
3. Reviewing campaign statistics and suggesting  adjustments

As a special service for our email clients, we will write your blog post for an additional fee.

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing: The glue that keeps your digital marketing program together.

By sending regular emails with content of interest to your contacts, you stay top-of-mind among those who already know you - customers, prospects, folks you network with, and your referrers. Why is this important? Because email drives more conversions than both search and social. Your emails are 5 times more likely to be viewed than your Facebook posts, 40 times more likely to lead to customer acquisition than your well-planned social media campaign, and (take a deep breath for this one), the potential ROI of email marketing is 1:38.