Facebook Start-Up Package

To get you off on the right track, we will:
1. Set up your Facebook Business page, if needed
2. Review and optimize your page settings
3. Develop a communications strategy for your business page
4. Create a “personality” for your page
5. Create 1 month of posts with imagery (16-20 posts)
6. Schedule posts (4-5 per week)
7. Monitor engagement
8. Evaluate analytics and suggest content improvements

Facebook Advertising Start-Up Package

Facebook is a powerful advertising platform for business owners who understand their target customers, have developed valuable content that builds trust and have created offers that motivate prospects to buy from them.

In this package, we will work with you to:
1. Create detailed descriptions of target customers (personas)
2. Map your products/services to each selected personas
3. Create value-based marketing messages for those personas
4. Establish the targeting strategy
5. Recommend content and offers
6. Create your Facebook Ad – headline, copy image
7. Document a campaign plan
8. Review analytics; recommend improvements 

Facebook Advertising - Ongoing

For clients who have taken advantage of Market Momentum’s Facebook Advertising Start-Up Package, we can continue creating and implementing your advertising campaigns.

We will:
1. Create your Facebook Ad – headline, copy, image
2. Create the campaign landing page
3. Document targeting criteria
4. Post the ad
5. Review the analytics; recommend improvements

Facebook Marketing and Advertising Services

Facebook has become the de facto social platform for businesses and non-profits. 

Social media is the BEST way to get your name in front of new prospects and generate leads online for your business. You will need to regularly post information to your page that your fans find valuable and/or entertaining. And these days, it pays to advertise to accelerate growth of your fan base. But, no worries! Market Momentum is here to help!